Piccolos for demanding professionals and fans of quality sound and intonation.

Stanislav Finda, founder and owner of a small flute and piccolo shop in Prague, began making his first head-joints in 1978 under the tutelage of the master flute and piccolo maker Hans Reiner. Finda’s practical experience as a member of the Prague Symphony Orchestra had a formative impact on his approach to instrument making. Since 1989 his instruments have gained international exposure and he works with the companies Prima Gakki, Sankyo Flute Mfg., and Moritz Max Mönnig, among others.

The instruments based on model instruments by Hans Reiner and Helmuth Hammig, with constant improvements in tuning and sound.

All wood used is the relogios replicas finest grenadilla, rosewood, ebony wood and mopane.

The keys are made from sterling silver (925) and 14K gold. Screws and axles are made of stainless steel produced by Sankyo Flute Mfg. in Japan. Pisoni pads cheap replica rolex from Italy.

Each instrument is crafted by hand. Our instruments are characterized by their brilliant sound and balanced intonation and they are suitable for all kinds of orchestras and chamber ensembles.